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This is only for Bambu Studio. .


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Workaround that worked for me; Instead of using adding a pause in Bambu Studio, add this custom g-code; M400 U1 ;pause G28 X ;home XY. press the cutter on side of the. .

At this point issue 1: -----The filament number you select here is the AMS number it will select.

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Today I tried printing the Activated Carbon Filter Box & Lid from Printables. .



Once done, click on the “Slice” button located on the top hand right of Bambu Studio. Today I tried printing the Activated Carbon Filter Box & Lid from Printables.

fc-falcon">In preview after slicing, go the layer you want. Just right click on the + icon at the desired layer in Preview screen.

Btw, I used the Orca Slicer for my test, not the Bambu Studio.
Although Cura and Bambu slicers are quite a bit different, I copied the temperature settings I've had good success with on the Ankermake (first layer 235, other layers 230) Pretty much everything else is from the generic PETG profile.
Here are some quicker prints showing my attempts to fix that with retraction: Left: default of 0.

I understand that the zits probably happen at layer change, or hops to another location on the same layer.

The filament change never worked for me, and as far as I can tell, the printer completely skips all of the code in the change filament routine.

Currently, when the printer is paused, either manually or because a “pause at layer” selection was made in the slicer, the following happens: Printhead moves to the poop chute and the heater turns off (bed stays on). Quick look at multi-color printing in Bambu Studio slicer from Bambu Labs. .

bug-report, bambu-studio. . For a quick start,. . Dec 26, 2022 · Pause at Height or Layer Height. 8 mm retraction.


Pressing pause did nothing. .


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Bambu lab has their own slicer called “Bambu Studio” which is built on Cura and allows you to send prints directly to your P1P.

What we actually need is M600 support in the.